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Multiple Issues


I am using Windows 10 Pro. First, when I click on the link to set the File Associations, I keep getting a message it couldn't open the file association manager and need to repair XML Notepad. When I go into Settings > System > Default Apps and click on "Set Defaults by App", XML Notepad doesn't show up even after re-booting it.

The other issues is when I click on the link to check for updates, I get a message displayed that an update is available. When I click on that box it tells me version is available and asks if I want to download it. When I say yes and it takes me to the page, I download it then double-click to install its, but when I do an "About XML Notepad" it says I am on version

Before this version I was using XML Notepad 2007 without problem. Really not sure what to do at this point.